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New and helpful email marketing resources which can get you best result

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Marketing has always been a difficult job, but with coming of email marketing competition has increased a lot. Email marketing is something which require lot of knowledge and understanding. This is crucial because you have to work on growth of email list, copywriting, sales, tracking conversions, setting auto responders and much more. So, to help yourself you can opt for marketing resources which are really helpful.

Result oriented marketing resources

Email analytics: Tracking and measuring is one of the most important resource that will help you in improving email marketing campaigns. You must understand how companies track email marketing campaigns and how emails can be read without opening it. Along with this, you should also know how goals has to be set in Google analytics such that you can easily know which campaign is more responsible for traffic, sales and conversions.

Curated email campaign: This is another great resource that can help you with your email marketing campaign. Curation is not selfish at all, because of this it is a great email marketing strategy and content. You will find articles, photos, blogs, videos and much more which you subscribers will definitely love and even suggest other persons to subscribe it. Once you are done with this, you can easily compile hand picked links through medium like weekly email newsletter or simply split them into bite-sized doses on daily basis.

Email marketing metrics: Bosses, C-suites and manager all need metrics for marketing. Well, there are several metrics that you must know some of them include open rate click, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, spam percentage, complaint rate, number of unsubscribes per campaign and many other elements.

Testing email deliverability: Do you want to assure that all your emails reach at right destination? If yes, then you can test email deliverability. There are several ways of doing this for free. You need to make an account and then will be provided an email address which you can add with your contact list and then use for testing. When you will send an email to address, email deliverability test will show percentage of deliverability.

International law for email marketing: Keeping your email marketing campaign according to international laws can be little hard especially when if you are not familiar with any section. Many practices are there which can be legitimate in one country, but on other hand can be off limits in some other country and this can result in hefty fines. So, in such situation you can prefer to take help of a professional team who are experienced in these things and can present you an overview that is going to help in navigating requirements of international email.


Many tools and techniques are there which can help you with your email marketing campaign. But, choosing any one among so many can be really difficult job. If you really want to have effective result then can go with Emma resources as they can provide with best tools and methods.