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Maintaining a Racetrack or Runway

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A good tarmac can cost a lot of time and effort to build and also to maintain. The track experiences a certain amount of wear and tear normally, the degree of which depends on how heavily it is used. A frequently used race track will need more consistent upkeep to keep drivers safe, just like a high traffic airplane runway will require more maintenance to keep everyone safe and planes flying well. There are a couple of essentials to guarantee track safety: A well paved, smooth tarmac surface, a trimmed area immediately surrounding the track, and proper management of FODs or Foreign Object Debris. Each person involved with the responsibility of tarmac maintenance should have to become familiar with FOD tutorials, as it is an important part of maintenance.

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Repaving the Tarmac

The tarmac will need repaving every so often, more often for racetracks than at an airport. The more use the tarmac gets, the faster the asphalt will crumble and crack. Places that experience hard freezes will have to deal with warping and cracking from the ground thawing and freezing. Some race operations will repave every race season. Whatever it takes to get a smooth tarmac should be priority for safety but also to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the machines being used. A crumbling runway can damage tires as well as quickly wear out certain shock mechanisms and other expensive devices.

Well Trimmed Perimeter

Most runways find themselves surrounded by greenery to a certain degree. If this is the case, the area should be well maintained. An over grown area can cause water to gather and damage the surface. Overgrowth can encourage snakes, birds, and rabbits to feel more at home there. To avoid these debris and possibly animals from crossing the tarmac boundaries, make sure those boundaries are clear. The grass should be well trimmed. Trees should have any problematic branches managed. If possible the track should be fenced in to make the area more secure.

Cleaning the tarmac

Many are using the FOD BOSS, a foreign object debris remover that is designed to remove any foreign debris from the runway.  A small piece of metal, a rock or too much accumulated dirt will have a negative effect to the performance and safety of your operation. The FOD Tutorials are easy to understand since the device is so easy to use. It comes in a wrapped tube for great storage. Simply unwrap and hook to any vehicle with the town hitch. In the past, the only options for removing FOD were with large cleaning trucks that companies either have to buy or rent. The FOD BOSS is a great and more affordable solution.