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What Things Do You Need to Know When Planning to Sell Your Jewelry in Europe?

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To be able to sell your jewelry pieces in Europe, it is important to know how the European jewelry industry is different from the US jewelry industry and what are those considerations that should be taken into account, at the time of advertising and exporting your jewelry to Europe?

What makes European jewellery market appealing for jewelry business owners?

Over the past few years, a lot of European countries have witnessed impressive economic expansion, just like the US. A period of solid economic wealth along with robust consumer purchasing power is a positive indicator for the entire jewelry market. If you are planning to sell your jewelry in Europe, then you must check this article.

Authenticity and individuality

Individuality and authenticity are two very essential themes for several European consumers. In addition to clothes, and fashion accessories, jewelry products are a special way to express this attribute.

Where countries like Italy, France and Germany have a reputation for classical as well as stylish jewelry pieces, Europeans are receptive and open to work with American artists. They are fond of hip, trendsetting and contemporary sort of jewelries.

Important factors to note when Selling Jewelry in Europe

Learn about the custom procedures

Presently, there is no “free trade agreement” between Europe and the US. You need to familiarize with the customs of the country to which you are exporting your jewelry.

Shipping boxes

Do ask the postal service of the type of forms that need to be attached to the package. Filling forms properly is important to prevent your package from getting to customs. If you are sending jewellery via mail that is intended to be sold at a store, do not mark it as “Gift”. This is because the shipping content can get misrepresented and go against the law.

Check about transport charges

You must check about transport charges. Know that transport charges get added to the jewelry value at the time the import duty and VAT gets calculated.


Besides jewelry quality, the basis of any advertising strategy is the presentation quality. In the present world, people like professional-level advertising materials such as a well-organized website, compelling photographs, and information pertaining to the artist to advertise and sell the work.