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What Is Cash Out Or Early Collection

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There are times when betting on the victory of our favorite team becomes the best option. The result is in our favor, but the minute 80 arrives and the opposite team begins to press the rival goal. Nerves are on edge, we want the game to end as soon as possible and ensure our winnings! With Cash Out or Early Collection it is possible.

Why Use Cash Out

If your bet is winning and you want to secure your benefits before the end of the event, the early payment is the most interesting option, just like if the free bet is playing against you, you can reduce losses with this function.

In addition, the advance payment can be used for single and combined bets , either before the start of the events or live.

Let’s put two examples of how to take advantage of Cash Out in online betting:

  • Secure your benefits:  In a Sevilla-Getafe LaLiga we bet on a visiting victory at a odds of 3.00 and Madrid score in the 35th minute of the match. In this case, Getafe begins to have the possibility of taking the shock, so at Sportium we offer you to close the bet at that very moment, but with somewhat lower benefits than the starting fee of 3.00. In this way we guarantee our profits without having to wait for the match to end, avoiding the possibility that Sevilla can come back from the match.
  • Minimize your losses: Now we put ourselves in the situation that Getafe starts fitting in the first half. At that moment in Sportium we give you the opportunity to close the bet by paying in advance by recovering part of the money you have bet. Therefore, this option would be appropriate if you believe that you have made a mistake in the initial strategy of your online bet, foreseeing that Getafe will be unable to trace the game and thus avoid losing everything wagered.