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What is Brand Activation and why do you need it?

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TGP delivering on its ethos:

Over 30 years of combined experience, Dubai-based TGP, has grown from a startup in 1995, to the region’s leading events solutions company. Its ethos: quality and professionalism should never be compromised. In order to deliver on this ethos, a team of experts in their own field, who are passionate, motivated and to whom, the clients matter, have been assembled to deliver nothing short of excellent and professional service on time, every time to valued clients.

Keeping your brand relevant:

Brand activation is important whether it’s a new brand or one that has already been established and needs rebranding. It is important as it keeps the brand relevant and creates increased awareness and engagement through a brand experience.

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Exceptional work recognized:

TGP designs and builds exhibition stands for clients in Dubai and all over the world. The company was recognized this year and has a place, on the 50 Most Admired Companies list. This list aims to celebrate those businesses which are at the forefront in the Middle East and at the top of their game. TGP was recognized for its exceptional work in the areas of: exhibitions, signage, events, interiors, graphics and audio-visual.

Focus strategically:

Brand activation can take you from one level to the next, but it is vital that you set your priorities, have one clear strategic objective. You must know what you wish to achieve as it relates to your brand, by making an effort of event participation. Focus your exhibition activity—you know what you want, have your stand designed to focus heavily on your core feature, which is guaranteed to impact your target consumers, assign your budget in the smartness way and take the time to choose the right venue which could make the difference between reaping success or failure.

TGP can get you there:

Brand activation is able to put your company ahead of the trends setters and Dubai-based TGP is confident that with its knowledge, experience, expertise and work ethics, can assist greatly in getting your brand to the level you envisioned. They pride themselves on providing meticulous, professional and above all else quality service and is the region’s leading full-service design and production company.

Repositioning your brand:

Don’t underestimate Brand Activation, as it helps to reinforce your brand’s positioning in the minds of your target consumers, it dismisses traditional advertising and allow for critical feedback, both negative and positive from potential consumers at Brand Activation events.