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Various Ways Technology Can Solve the Biggest Challenges Faced by Pearl Jewelers

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Just like retailers in other industries, pearls jewelers are also going through a tough time. Around 1,000 jewelry businesses have shut down their stores last year. E-commerce market places such as Amazon and eBay are interested in buying jewelry from these stores.

Online sales of jewelry accounts to only 4 percent to 5 percent of the entire market share. This represents smaller proportion as compared to other retail stores. In this post, we are going to discuss top challenges that jewelry retailers are facing today and the way in which jewelers can overcome them.

Proper structuring of metadata

It is important for online stores to adopt strategies that get them high traffic, convert website visitors into buyers, and sell more to shoppers. Just like physical stores, they can also achieve it by using an e-commerce solution that is integrated with SEO tools. This solution helps in structuring the metadata of a website that enables search engines to index it correctly and find your pearl necklaces business listed in organic search results.

Use the right keywords

Keywords that are more specific tend to deliver the desired results. It can generate lucrative leads to your jewelry retail website. Analytics provide a practical way to identify words that translate to higher conversion rates.

Make your website engaging and useful

It is important to transform visitors into buyers so a website has to be engaging as well as convenient to use. Search for those features that customers require most. It can be product ratings, reviews, multiple images and videos of product, wish lists, etc. Present day’s shoppers are looking for convenience that can deliver with modernized checkout ways, a mobile-friendly website and a shopping cart that persevere over various visits.

Provide omnichannel features

Offer omnichannel features like purchasing online orders by visiting the store. This strategy will drive more online traffic to the stores and gives sales associates a way to sell complementary products prior to leaving of customer with their purchase.


It is required for jewelry retailers to implement technology that will help them to remain competitive as well as survive the fluctuating flow of the online marketplace. The above tips shared in this article will help you to tackle the prevailing challenges in the online market.