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Top Exide Life Insurance Plans for Family in India

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Human mind is never content. It just keeps on striving for bettering in everything, be it job, higher education, and relationship or to achieve a stature in society. We are in the digital age, where everything is available online. Everybody is aware of the uncertainties of life and so know the importance of having life insurance policies. And one such life insurance company which has been offering Life Insurance Plans for families in India over a decade is Exide Life Insurance.

The name “Exide” seems like one of those big giants in the US, however it is an Indian homegrown brand. Remember Exide Batteries! Yes Exide Life Insurance is owned by Exide Industries which has been producing storage batteries since 1947 successfully. Exide Industries acquired 50% stakes of ING Vysya Life Insurance in 2005 and after ING exited from India in 2013, Exide industries acquired the remaining 50% stake, thus becoming 100% stake holder.

However it has been operating since the year 2001 and has 15 lakh customers. It was also featured as one of the top ten Insurance brands in India as per the Economic times, Brand Equity survey 2014.

Top Exide Life Insurance Plans for family in India
Top financial and Life insurance experts have declared Term Life Insurance as one of best life insurance plans. Exide Life is no different and so has various types of Life insurance plans for families.

  • Retirement and Pension plans.

Who wouldn’t want to live their old age peacefully? So it is important to choose a retirement and pension plan in a way that it is not exhausted immediately and gets used appropriately.

             Exide Life Golden year retirement plan

  • About

This plan is uniquely made for your retirement years which are the golden years of your life by offering ample of benefits for building corpus.

  • 3 Reasons to buy this plan
  • It offers capital guarantee with winning returns.
  • You get 1/3rd of the retirement fund tax free and can use the balance fund for life long pension.

  • Benefits of this plan
  • Guaranteed Vesting Benefits
  • Life cover
  • Savings

  • Who should buy this plan?

People who want to spend their retirement happily with their family without being a burden on anyone or without compromising their standard of living should opt for this plan.

  • Exide life smart Term Plan
  • About

This is a unique plan that offers comprehensive projection options and returns paid by you on completion of the policy term.

  • 4 reasons to buy this policy
  • It consists of 3 plans action i.e., Classic , step up and  comprehensive
  • It assures guaranteed returns on completion of the policy term

  • Premium paying options are flexible
  • It provides improved protection through their critical illness and accident riders

  • Who should buy this policy?

This is a full fledge family plan if you are looking for a life insurance cover to protect your family. In addition to that you also receive return of premium on the policy maturity.

  • Child plans

We all want our children to do better in life, may be even better than us. With Exide Life insurance plans, all dreams come true.

  • Exide Life wealth Maxima
  • About

Exide Life wealth Maxima is a unit linked insurance plan that lets you spread your wealth whilst securing your child’s future.

  • Reasons to buy this plan

  1. You get a life cover along with premium funding benefit.
  2. It offers 3 investment strategies to suit your risk type
  3. Equity markets give you a systematic investment options for better future.

  • Who should buy this plan?

Any parent who is looking for a higher financial protection if their child can buy this plan.

Key features of Exide Life Insurance Plans

The key features of the Exide Life Insurance Plan are mentioned below:

  1. Substantial life cover available at affordable premiums
  2. Enhanced protection on few term plans through riders
  3. Provides tax saving plans as per the Income Tax Act
  4. Easy to purchase
  5. Investment strategies which suits your investment style.

How to get best out of the plans?

To get the best out of any plans it is vital to follow the below:

  1. Provide correct information about all details pertaining to your name, age, previous history of medicals and your complete profile.
  2. Buy a life insurance plan early in life
  3. Always assess your life insurance requirements before buying a plan
  4. Read the life insurance policy wordings carefully
  5. Understand the exclusions
  6. Compare plans on websites like
  7. Do not be in a haste to buy plans
  8. Buy life insurance plans online
  9. Prefer tax saving life insurance policies


Exide Life Insurance offers a variety of life insurance policies, one best than the other. The policies offered are reasonable and have a lot of potential to take care of your loved ones in your absence. The claim settlement ratio of the Exide Life Insurance Company is also good. So, don’t waste time. Buy one TODAY!