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Tips for a Greener Office

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“Going green” is a widely discussed topic, with many suggestions coming from local community centres, the media, the government and other bodies that educate the general public about the best ways to help the environment. This ranges from turning the lights off when you are exiting a room, to using a manual bicycle to get around the city rather than using a polluting car. What is rarely discussed, however, is what you can do to make your office environment greener.

No matter how effective such “green” measures may be, helping ensure that your office environment is green will not only make your employees more aware about environmental issues but may also increase your customer base due to the fact that they’ll know you care about such things. Here are some ideas that you can incorporate to ensure that you’ll get a greener office:

Buy a desk plant

Firstly, plants look visually appealing and they can lighten up the atmosphere in an office. But that’s beside the point. More importantly, the presence of plants will improve indoor air quality in the office. On top of that, the oxygen produced by the plant will help offset the negative impact of other chemicals, such as those emitted by new office furniture.

Get your employees to sit near windows

This should help to reduce the amount of energy that you’re using to power light bulbs. There’s another benefit to this, fortunately. Exposure to intermittent sunlight can do wonders for one’s health, and employees sitting beside the window are much more likely to enjoy their time at work than those sitting in a dark corner. Employee happiness generally correlates to productivity, so it’s likely that you’ll be getting more out of your employees as well. How great is that!

Reduce the amount you print

In the modern world of online data sharing, it is extremely easy to share documents by email, Google Drive, or any other means. Therefore, it is not always necessary to print 20 copies of the same sheet to distribute it to the office, which many offices still seem to do! Put some printing rules in place and make sure that your employees abide by them. By sharing everything on the drive, your company will also appear much more tech-savvy in the eyes of consumers. If you do print your documents, though, be sure to dispose of them in the correct way in order to prevent data breaches. Be sure to check out shredding services in London.

Purchase energy-saving gadgets

Get rid of your current light-bulbs, computers and other electronic items and replace them with energy-saving alternatives. This will help ensure that you are using as little energy as possible. This will not only help contribute to a greener environment, but it will also reduce your energy costs! Energy-saving computers will usually have an Energy Star label on them, so be sure to look out for that when you’re doing your business shopping.