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The Top Three Benefits of Offsite File Shredding

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 Using an offsite file shredding service can be an effective way of securely ridding yourself of all unwanted paper documentation and files. Doing so can help prevent personal and sensitive information being lost or taken. How it works is that your provider collects any files you wish to be rid of, at a pre-arranged time, and securely destroys them. Here we have listed the top 3 benefits of offsite file shredding for businesses everywhere. Check out for professional offsite shredding services.

  • Save time

Manually disposing of documents takes enormous amounts of time away from yourself and your employees. Offsite shredding helps you destroy sensitive records quickly and efficiently, enabling you to hand hours of unnecessary work over to your service provider. This enables your business operations to continue to run smoothly with extra time for your employees to contribute to the business.

  • Protect sensitive data and comply with GDPR

Paper materials in the business can contain sensitive and personal information about your customers and employees. Unlike home or office shredders, offsite shredding utilises industrial-grade shredders to destroy files, reducing any papers to tiny, illegible particles meaning that any sensitive information will be kept hidden.

This complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which states that any personal or sensitive information must be disposed of securely. This is particularly important as noncompliance can result in criminal prosecution or monetary fines. Offsite shredding offers protection and reassurance and issues a certificate of destruction for your files, providing written proof of compliance to the GDPR.

  • Environmentally friendly

Once all files have been shredded, certain offsite providers will ensure that waste and recyclable materials are sent to UK recycling mills. This can give you peace of mind, knowing that you have done your part for the environment. This is an easy step to take towards your company being eco-friendly and ‘green’ and can be viewed as extremely favourable to clients or investors. It is also easier to recycle your paper waste when using offsite shredding, as collections can be prearranged on fixed timescales to match the amount of waste your company produces.

Offsite shredding is a great way for businesses to comply with the United Kingdom’s Data Protection Act and make their operations run smoothly and efficiently. Don’t let sensitive and personal information get into the wrong hands – protect your clients and employees by shredding your paper waste. This makes it easier to recycle and gets rid of stacks of paper waste that constitute a fire hazard in the workplace. Offsite shredding allows you to gain all of these benefits whilst having the added advantage of it not interfering with your employees’ workloads as it is taken away and handled elsewhere.