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The Right Limits for the Best CRM Usage Now

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First there is the customer relationship (all the exchanges of a company with its customers); then there is the management of the customer relationship (the strategy and the practical organization of this relationship, in English, CRM, Customer relationship management); and finally, there is the CRM tool (the software that lists, harmonizes, sorts all the exchanges with the customers).

The CRM software market accounted for more than 23 billion euros in 2018, dominated by five major publishers, Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and IBM, followed by countless medium and small publishers. Already long, the list of their followers has recently been enriched by newcomers: the grandesécoles and universities. The use for the online crm system  comes economic in this case now.

Centralized information

Higher education institutions need this software, widely used in the commercial sector, to centralize information on partner companies, suppliers, alumni, students, prospects in initial training, trainees in continuing education; to know at all times the state of their relations with all these contacts, to communicate in a homogeneous way towards all these “customers” and to archive all the exchanges .

Not to mention measuring the effectiveness of an action (mailing, presence on a show) thanks to the statistical functions of the tool. In short, the CRM software centralizes and organizes all the information coming in and out of the establishment.

Today, GEM is home to a full-time, three-person service that manages the group’s CRM operations and databases. Annual cost is there, “several hundred thousand euros, including all three salaries, software cost, updates and development.” But the return on investment is certain. You can make use of the best free crm android app comes essential here.

A median cost of 15.000 euros the first year

Learning is the basis of CRM tools in higher education. The director, who claims a hundred customers in the sector, gives her figures.

These systems help marketing, sales and customer service teams track customer and prospect information throughout the customer relationship. Using a CRM system, you can identify the first contact with a prospect to understand why he came to you and find out what information he viewed on your website. You can track interactions with your sales team during the purchase cycle and subsequent interactions, such as repeat purchases. Storing all this customer information in a knowledge management tool allows your entire team to understand the context of the customer relationship and thus provide better informed answers to any questions or problems that arise. But no doubt that you should know what is crm software.

Learning Management Systems


An online knowledge base is a directory of content about your products and their use, in which you can search. Knowledge management tools may include technical content (eg, troubleshooting instructions for your software), answers to frequently asked questions, and other information that will give your customers a better experience using your software. software or product.