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The Importance of Environmentally Friendly Printing Options

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It is clear, these days, that we all need to do our part to take care of the environment, not just on a personal level, but in business as well.  Every industry needs to start making significant shifts—even small ones spread out over time—to become more environmentally friendly.  In certain industries, though, the sooner you can make these changes, the better.

Take the Doculand printing and publishing industries, for example.  Even though we are seeing widespread growth of digital publishing, there is still great need for physically printed materials. From brochures to invitations to business cards to pamphlets, we still use print media in our everyday lives.

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For those who work in these industries, then, it is more important than ever to make sure you start the transition towards environmentally friendly printing.

What is Environmentally Friendly Printing?

Basically, environmentally friendly printing follows a strategy or philosophy to find more sustainable approaches to traditional practices in the printing industry.  It should be quite obvious that this involves an objective to involve practices which minimize damage to the natural world without risking any quality of the service you provide. Most importantly, environmentally friendly printing is a constant observation and analysis of methods that continues to improve environmental impact while moving your business forward.  This can include, for example:

    • a preference for digital formats as often as possible
    • using recycled paper
    • using recycled printer cartridges
    • using soy-based ink
    • a preference for two-side printing

Why is Environmentally Friendly Printing Important?

Traditional published periodicals are struggling, these days, largely because of digital formats.  But there is no solid indication that we are going to lose our need for some print media formats, at least not in the foreseeable, near future.  For example, it is still quite practical to print things like employment paperwork, court documents, medical files, and schoolwork.

More importantly, though, traditional printing methods use a lot of energy.  It requires a lot of power to run the electrical machines and combustion engines involved with traditional printing methods.  When it comes to traditional printing, these methods actually develop something called volatile organic compounds which can cause both short term and long term health issues.  Developing new printing methods, then, are of the utmost importance, today.