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The Green movement: the rise of online marijuana dispensaries

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Purchasing marijuana on the internet can be tricky for a number of reasons.It’s not just as simple as going to a website, like Amazon and ordering a few bags.

You could try your luck and order online without issues from an unknownsupplier.

But since the legalization of marijuana is in certain states, there is moreincentive than ever to do your research before you splash your cash.

Plenty of sites designed to scam potential buyers exist and it’s best to becautious and know what you’re looking for.

Find a reliable dispensary

There is a wide range of online hemp dispensaries across the U.S. and it’simportant to know how the process works before you buy marijuana online. Hempdispensaries are licensed by the government and have been operating legally inCalifornia since November 8, 2016, when the state of California voted tolegalize cannabis sales.

The legalization of marijuana in California has seen a rise of dispensariesbeing set up by enterprising individuals keen to make a living out of theformerly illegal drug’s new status.

How can you tell if an online dispensary isreliable?

It’s always best to use a combination of factors, including reviews,recommendations, word of mouth, and see if you can speak to someone on thephone. It might seem old school to pick up a phone and call a drug dealer butit’s worth getting an idea of how reliable and knowledgeable your dispensary isbefore you buy online.

Another way of finding out whether a dispensary is legitis by asking around on the numerous weed forums. Members are usually friendlyand willing to point newbies in the direction of reliable and trustedsuppliers. There are some online dispensaries that also have a high streetpresence. If it’s got a physical shop as well as an online portal then you canbe pretty sure that it’ll be legit.

How much will it cost?

How long is a piece of string? The price of your marijuana will depend on whereyou are in the U.S. as well as the strain and product you’re after. Don’t besurprised if you find that online dispensaries based in bigger cities selltheir products for significantly higher rates. People who run onlinedispensaries are also likely to have their eye on street prices. It’s just abusiness like any other, at the end of the day. People running onlinedispensaries have to pay their bills too – you can’t blame them for keeping aneye on their rivals.

Will you need ID?

If you’ve got the ID and you don’t mind going through a verification process, youshouldn’t have any issues. It’ll depend on the dispensary but it is possiblethat you may be asked for identification by certain dispensaries. If you’re notover 21 you will not be allowed to purchase from most dispensaries, althoughanecdotal evidence suggests that some dispensaries are more flexible and arelikely to make exceptions in some cases.