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Steps on How to Fix a Dry Ink Cartridge

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You must be wondering why ink cartridges always dry up and there seem to be nothing to do to reduce or prevent this from happening. This causes the nozzles of the cartridges to dry up and make the printer fail to print properly.

If one is not sure, they might misinterpret this dryness of cartridge nozzle for lack of ink and result in wasting money filling the cartridge up.

First of all, before you can prevent something, you must be able to know what causes it. There are a lot of things that lead to drying of ink cartridges like:

  1. Dormant printers (lack of frequent use of the printer)
  2. Expiration of the cartridges
  3. Improper refilling of cartridges
  4. Wrong room temperature

So, what then can you do to fix a dry ink cartridge? Read on.

There are a few things you can do to unclog your printer’s cartridge head and prevent drying of the cartridge.

Run You Print-Head Cleaning Function on Your Printer

This option might be available to execute on your computer or on the printer itself as a function. If you’re not sure if your printer has this function, check your user manual to see if it has the function and if it does, use it for guidance on how to do this. If you have to execute this step continually, then follow the steps below.

Remove the Cartridge from The Printer

If your cartridge continues to be blocked, then you will have to detach the cartridge from the printer. This might be a temperature problem. So, when you have removed the cartridge from your printer, place it in a bowl of warm water.

Note; use a bowl and not your bathtub or sink to reduce the chances of staining your sink or tub with ink. Ensure that the head is totally immersed in water. For a serious case of blockage, use a cotton bud soaked in warm water to rub the nozzle of the cartridge until the ink begins to flow out. If after doing this and no difference, then it’s best you replace the cartridge as it might be unfixable.

Keep repeating the aforementioned steps whenever you have an issue of dry ink cartridge. In cases where there’s no improvement, it’s best to replace the cartridge.


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