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Polished Concrete Flooring – Things You Should Consider

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If you have been watching any of the renovation based shows on TV you would have noticed that many of them are opting to go with polished concrete Kansas City today. The experts on the shows are ditching the more traditional ceramic tile or wooden flooring to the more glossy looking polished concrete floors. This growing trend can have you mesmerized and ready to change your flooring as well.

But before you make a decision to have the polished concrete flooring for your property, there are a few things you should consider to make an informed decision.

  • The Look of the Floor

The first thing you should be sure of is the look that you want the flooring to have. There are different levels of exposures like minimal, medium, maximum, and no exposure that will give you different kinds of results. The concrete dyes available also come in different colors and shades. You need to know what color you want to do ahead with. And then when it comes to gloss, you need to know whether you want a low, medium, or high gloss.

As if this is not enough, you should also have some clarity as to how much durability you want the flooring to have.

  • The Stage of Flooring

This will depend on the type of concrete that you are choosing to use. If you are going ahead with mechanical polished concrete then your contractor can set this up after the roof and frame are done. However, if you are choosing to go ahead with grind and seal finish concrete then this needs to be done preferably in the final stages of renovation. The coating applied with this concrete can get damaged by the workers if completed early.

  • Time Taken to Complete the Process

Most people think that the time taken to grind and polish and set the flooring is the only time it will take to complete concrete flooring. But that’s not true. There is a cure period as well that needs to be set aside. In most cases it can take 2 to 4 weeks to finish polished concrete flooring depending on the compressive strength of the concrete.

  • Use Existing Concrete or Not

For renovation, you may not need to add a completely new flooring. The existing concrete flooring can also be used given it is in usable condition. It should not be very soft or crumbly. If the concrete is good then your contractor should be able to use alternative finishes and make it look good.

  • Places Where Polished Concrete Should Not Be Put

The good thing about polished concrete flooring is that it can be used anywhere. As long as there is a concrete in place, you can go for this look. It can be installed in residential properties as well as in commercial properties. You can also have it installed in industrial properties. There is hardly any place where you can’t have it. if you need non-slippery yet glossy look you can use polished concrete.