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Peter Loftin – The Extraordinary Journey of Life Throughout 

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Peter Loftin was born in North Carolina nursed by his mother Maree Nelson Loftin who was a school teacher. His father was Robert G. Loftin who was a Korean War veteran, who is now retired, from the US Government Social Security Administration. At present he is married and has a 19 year old son; and two other younger children and stays with his wife presently. On looking back to this man’s career it has been seen that he had made remarkable achievements, and created some of those nostalgic memories throughout his life.

Focusing on the growth of Loftin’s career

Talking about his career it is found that on being a successful entrepreneur, he has built one of the largest telecom industries in the world. Due to his extravagant work and complete dedication to his career, he started to reach the peak of the mountain by crossing the hurdles. Loftin was specifically involved with the business and the committee associations from time to time. Not only had this Business North Carolina Magazine given him the title of “Entrepreneur” for his excellent work.

Along with his achievements in the field of business, Peter Loftin was also given true respect and love by the people of his country. He was served as the Chairman of the Board of Business Telecom, Inc (BTI), along with several other members. This man was also the founder of art and he encouraged people in this field very much. He had also purchased the Casa Casuarina in the year 2000. On purchasing this and with the intention of turning this place into business, he included a Boutique Hotel and also a luxurious residential property for stay.

Moreover along with being a wonderful business man and a true person we get to see another side of this person also. Peter Loftin has done a lot of charity work throughout his life, and helped many homeless people with their needs. He began his method of charity by himself at first, by donating winter jackets, shawls and other belongings to the children and the poor family. He had also begun certain of his own help age foundation in the form charity. Also he has owned a lot of NGOs by his name, by which he helps the needy.

The achievements made by him

This person was an all rounder with his work, and did his work with complete dedication and hospitality. Throughout his life he had been the perfect person to the achievements which he had gained. Not only in business but also he has left a remarkable mark on several other work on which he has done.

He has been the achiever as the Duke Honoree Speaker, National Historic Trust, North Carolina Entrepreneur of the year, and it goes one. He is a perfect person and is also regarded as the perfectionist with the type of work. Due to his moral behaviour and his friendly relation with the people around him, he is loved by them and also given respect by them. He is also regarded to be a kind hearted and a loving man.