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New Perspectives – How Shifting Your Environment Can Help to Promote Productivity

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It is common for small businesses, particularly tech startups, to grow up and around the place where all the big ideas first emerged. In some cases, this is a home office or even a makeshift workspace in a bedroom. For others, it is a rented space in the local neighbourhood or a spare room in a municipal building.

The point is that ‘first’ offices aren’t always perfect. They are just a jumping off point, so it won’t be long before you need to think about moving. This is even more important if you have a small team to manage. Your employees need an environment which fosters creativity, confidence, and collaboration. The good news is that New Zealand is filled with them.

Keep reading for more on the benefits of small business relocation and some tips on where you should go next.

Controlled Expenses


If you are clever about the move and spend some time thinking about your needs first, you have the opportunity to upgrade and save money. Office real estate is a huge part of a business budget and long term leases can end up being a real weight. One alternative is to find flexible office space for rent in Auckland or Wellington. Serviced offices are high-end suites, but the negotiable terms make them very affordable.

Prestigious Location


It is worth remembering that investors like to look at all aspects of a company when deciding whether to offer funding. Whether you think that it’s fair or not, many of these investors will consider your office location. So, if you are operating out of the garden shed or a ramshackle room in the suburbs, it might negatively affect your chances of securing a deal. The goal should be to find an easily accessible office, in a competitive, active location.

Better Links to Everything


Moving to an office with good transport links and a busy, thriving neighbourhood is the right way to supercharge your operation. Your employees will waste less time commuting into work. You’ll have your pick of talent from a fertile labour market. Plus, you’ll also get to keep an eye on what your rivals doing, because you’ll be at the heart of the action. It is nice to imagine that small companies can still make it big if they are located outside of the major cities, but this isn’t usually the case.

A Great First Impression


When you invite clients, sponsors, and investors back to the office, you want to know that they’re going to be impressed. This can be tricky for very young enterprises, as there is only so much free capital to play with. You can’t just splurge in order to wow important guests. What you can do, however, is host them from a beautifully designed, fully equipped virtual office. These flexible workspaces come with the option to rent out corporate boardrooms.

High-End Resources


The other big benefit of serviced and virtual offices is that they provide the best possible resources at highly flexible, highly affordable rates. As the terms of a serviced suite are negotiable (you can add, remove, or edit features), you never have to choose between careful spending and essential assets. Just tweak and change the corporate package until you’ve found a combination of services (receptionist support, boardroom space, mailboxes, etc.) which works for your business.

Why Change Is Always a Good Thing for Small Businesses


For a long time, businesses were taught to be afraid of change. They locked themselves into unsuitable leases and made unwanted commitments because they believed that security and variability were mutually exclusive. Now, more enterprises are beginning to understand that it isn’t change which causes problems. It is not being prepared for it.