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Is There a Way to Catch Water Splash with a Camera?

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You will absolutely need an assistant. He/she will make the job much easier. Though you can do every little thing on your own; however, it’s way much more efficient when you have a little help, one person who can throw the objects right into the water, get them out and after that toss them once again, and once more as well as once again.

  • Next, you want a glass aquarium with a minimum dimension of 24x12x16″, preferably constructed from clear glass.
  • Make the table covered with black fabric.
  • Try to use a black background, for example, textile or paper, standing at least at a distance of six feet away from the fish tank.


Use a tripod for your cam. Establish the video camera at a setting where you have the preferred framework of the fish tank, leaving adequate space up, down as well as on both sides to record the majority of the sprinkles. After you have positioned the cam, establish the emphasis by hand.

Quick Ideas

  • Usage subjects with dazzling color, this way you will have good splitting up of the subject from the black background and the white/blueish sprinkle. This makes your pictures truly stand out.
  • If your photo is on tiny subjects, attempt to use a minimum of 6-10 items at the same time.
  • Attempt to integrate subjects of different dimensions, shades, and forms.
  • The heavier the subject, the faster it will drop, making it tougher to record at the appropriate minute. So, take that into consideration.
  • To get bigger sprinkles, make use of subjects with a bigger surface area, or let them drop from a higher setting.
  • Clean the fruits and vegetables well before you utilize them, this way you can maintain the water cleaner for a longer amount of time.
  • If the water starts becoming unclean, change the water. It’s pretty unpleasant as the container is heavy and you’ll need to do that a number of times. But the bright side is that by doing so you’ll need to function less in the post-processing stage, while obtaining sharper, extra cleaner images.
  • Regularly clean the front glass of the tank to remove the water drops that tend to collect on it.

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