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Is it worth Using a Specialist Insurance Agency?

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There are many things which need to be insured on a daily basis.  Most of these items are general use and commonly held by a number of people.  Vehicles are a perfect example of this.  Almost everyone owns a car; insurance is necessary and any insurance agency will provide you with the necessary cover.

However, if you have a specialist hobby or activity then should you still use the same insurance agency or is it worthwhile visiting a specialist?


This is a difficult one.  A specialist insurance agency should have a good knowledge of your preferred activity.  They will know the real risks and be able to ask you the right questions to establish which risk category and level of cover will suit you best.  

The fact that they deal with specialist insurance all the time should make them very good at providing you with a custom made quote.  Of course, this is likely to come at a price!

In contrast a local insurance agency will know you.  They will be able to appreciate your specialist activity even if they are not aware of the detail.  This should not stop them providing you with a quote but it is unlikely to be as custom tailored as the specialist insurance agency can provide.

But, the fact that your local agency knows you means that they will already have seen your track record on other insurance contracts and will even be able to assess the amount of time you have available for your activity.  This means that they may be able to cover you under a more general policy or even extend an existing policy to provide adequate cover.

This can make it easier to talk about the detail and to know what to do if something does happen that results in a claim.

Same Product

In most cases your local insurance agency can provide the same quote as the specialist firm.  In fact, they may be able to offer it at a more competitive price.  This is because a standard agency is likely to be dealing with a much larger number of customers; their business could be seen as more important to the insurance company than the specialist firm.  To keep the local firm happy the insurance company may provide a discount which the specialist will not receive.

The insurance company will do what it can to attract the business; regardless of which route it comes through.

Ease of Access

You are likely to find it easier to contact a general insurance agency than you are to contact a specialist.  A genuine specialist agency will have specialist staff and may have limited opening hours.  They may also have a limited online presence as they will want to deal directly with you to provide the best quote possible.

This may mean calling them on the phone or even visiting their office; within office hours.  In contrast a general insurance agency will be open at all hours of the day and night as you will be able to access your quote online.

It is worth seeing what a specialist insurance agency has to offer, but you are likely to get a similar deal from your local agency with less hassle.