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HVAC Contractor Insurance: Protect Your Investment With a Comprehensive Commercial Insurance

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One client’s air conditioning has stopped working during the hot season of the year. Another client is in dire need of help since his sump pump has broken down and water is all over the basement. To them, it is a serious crisis; to you the HVAC contractor, it’s business and another day at the workplace. As an HVAC contractor, you might have to deal with daily emergencies− and your customers will count on you to resolve all these issues right when they give you a call.

It is worth getting an HVAC Contractor Insurance cover

With all these happenings, it might be easy for you to forget about getting help during emergencies. This is part of the reason you should seek help, especially if you are a plumbing or HVAC contractors. Keeping your client’s home and business free of flooding water, poisonous gas as well as other unexpected dangers may pose a liability exposure. Moreover, injuries on the side of your technicians are always a possibility.

Understanding HVAC Contractor Insurance

Heating and A/C contractors, also known as HVAC contractors, offer services that touch on heating as well as air-conditioning. These contractors are tasked with the responsibility of installing, repairing, and maintaining air conditioning systems. Also, they do repair and maintain heating units as well as ventilation for businesses and homes. As an HVAC contractor, you’re well skilled and qualified as far as your work is concerned and should protect yourself against unforeseen risks. With this career, your liability risks may include making mistakes during repairs and harming your technicians while undertaking HVAC services. To protect yourself against such risks, go for Heating and A/C contractors insurance. 

HVAC Contractors Insurance: The different types

There are different types of HVAC contractor’s insurance policies that offer great policies to heating and A/C contractors. They include:

General Liability Insurance

A good number of commercial risks are related to running an HVAC contractors’ insurance policy, and many of which are covered by general liability insurance. Included in the general liability policy is:

  • Coverage for finished operation
  • Product liability
  • Premise liability

For example, if the customer incurs any damage as a result of the repairs you did, such costs will be covered by HVAC contractor insurance under completed operations. On the other hand, products liability will be coverage against any product you’ll sell to your customers like a cleaning agent, which caused allergic reactions. Premises liability protects you against any bodily injury that may occur at your workplace.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance covers things like the company vehicle or motorcycle against accidents. It also endeavors to cover you against any bodily injury, theft, as well as vandalism.

Marine Insurance

Inland marine insurance protects company’s property while in transit. For instance, if you are driving to your customer’s home or office, your property and that of your client are protected. This policy comprehensively covers any type of accident/theft that might occur.

Umbrella Insurance

The liability policies for your Heating and A/C Contractor business (General Liability, Commercial Auto, and Employers Liability) all have coverage limits. Umbrella insurance covers for claims that exceed your primary policy limits.

Other HVAC insurance policies

Other heating and A/C contractor’s policies include:

  • Contractors Employee Dishonesty Insurance: Covers damages resulting from your employees’ dishonesty.

Workers’ Compensation: Covers your employees from work-related injuries and illnesses.