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How tutorials can help understand Joker card in Indian rummy online better

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The 13 Cards rummy or the Indian Rummy, is usually played among 2-6 players and uses 2 or more decks of cards. Each deck of card, thereby, comes with a joker card. It is a very interesting piece of card that has many advantages and disadvantages of its uses. Owning a joker card can be a turning point in the game, but it can also result in losses if a player focuses too much on possessing a joker card, rather than creating sets and sequences.

The different cards of a deck in a game of Indian rummy online are of different values and uses. To be able to win a game of rummy or even know and play rummy, knowing the cards in a deck is very important for the players. Each player must know their cards and how to use them best to make their play easy and win over other players. The right uses of a joker card can be the key to an easy win in a rummy game. But to know the right ways, players need to follow tutorials which can teach them the proper uses of the joker card, and warn them about the do’s and don’ts of the game.

Help from tutorials on Joker cards in Indian rummy online game:

  • Uses of Joker cards

Joker cards are usually pre-fixed in a deck of cards in an Indian rummy online game. Each deck of cards has one joker card in it. And the joker card can be used to replace any card in a player’s hand, to complete a set or sequence. Joker cards can replace other value cards and a single player can use more than one joker card in their hand.

  • Value of Joker cards

The joker card does not carry any points value like other cards in a deck. So, while players in an Indian rummy online game use joker cards to match their sets and sequences, it will not end up to the total points of the players. That is an advantage of using the joker card. Players need to earn the lowest points to win in a game of rummy, and using the joker card can get players their desired sets and sequences without adding up to the total points.

  • Restrictions on Joker cards

Although to win a game of Indian rummy online, players are also required to make a pure sequence, this does not allow the use of the joker card. A pure sequence is the melding of consecutive cards to make a sequence without using a joker card to replace any other card. Each player must make a pure sequence in order to declare in a game of rummy.


The joker card can be a very tempting way of winning in a game of Indian rummy online. With new players, it can show as an easy tactic to fast winning, but as much as joker cards are useful, they are not the only way of winning in a game of rummy. Learn the tutorials to know more.