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How To Keep Your Business Investments Safe and Secure

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A successful business does not just stop at bringing in money from its goods and services. Most businesses diversify once they start to build up a large amount of capital that far outweighs their current working capital. It means the business is running with a low risk of going bust and had no debt so it is not a highly geared firm running off the back of borrowed capital.

Even if a business is highly geared, there are ways to make investments that outweigh debt – especially for those businesses that are lucky enough to be running on either 0% interest loans or just loans that are run at a very low interest rate.

However, you need to always make sure that you have a system in place that keeps all of your financial dealings safe and secure. One of the most common scams out there today is for hackers to break into your network and encrypt your financial data as well as other information needed to keep your business running. This then results in a hefty pay off to pay the person that encrypted the data to unencrypt it or to pay for a team if experts to undo the hacker’s nasty work.

This has been a common occurrence in Holland as of late and has left the Dutch to ask wat betekent vpn? In the Dutch language, this means “what does VPN mean?” They ask this because surprisingly when they have asked for help from IT security experts, the first question they have asked is do you have a VPN?

What Is A VPN and How Does It protect Businesses From Financial Fraud?

Well, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is virtual because it is only run over the internet, which is a virtual space. It is private because it means using software to start a connection that is between two machines that will only communicate using what is known in the IT world as a secret handshake to authenticate. Both little like the Free Masons have their own secret handshake – and if you get it wrong, then you lose trust.

Once the handshake between the two machines has authenticated, then trust has been established. All data is then sent through an encrypted network that cannot be hacked from the outside. At least, it is not profitable for most hackers to waste their time trying to hack such a connection because it takes expensive software and there are much easier fish to fry out there.

Hopefully, that answers the question as to wat is VPN service? Now, how does it protect your firm’s financial data?

Well basically if you are making business critical financial transactions, then you can guarantee that the data processed through the VPN is safe. It is fully encrypted on a private network that no one can intercept.

On the contrary, without this encryption, your business will be relying on basic encryption used by the internet router provided by your internet service provider and the built-in firewall to your operating system. Now nearly every hacker has access to break the code on both the routers and the operating system, but they are unable to easily break a VPN.