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How Can Ethical Hackers Help Secure Your Company?

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Cybersecurity is a great concern due to the increasing incidents of frauds. There are a number of online predators who are always on a lookout to find loopholes in the security networks of businesses. Once uncovered, they feed on the most vulnerable details that become a major concern for the security of the company as well as the customers. And this is where ethical hackers, also known as security researchers, can come to the rescue.

Who Are Security Researchers?

You must have seen how market giants like

Google and Facebook promote and run bug bounty programs. But have you wondered why? Well, it is to unearth the pool of good researchers who, unlike the scammers, work on fixing the bugs that compromise the security of a company. These people are security researchers.

How To Hire Them?

To begin with, ethical hackers work as a part of a team, legally, to keep a company safe from the dangers of data theft. These people do the same job that security cameras do for campus security or workplace security. Hiring them is simpler than you think.

  • You can initiate a bug bounty program and spread a word about it within the community. Once a researcher finds the bug, you can compensate and hire him/her to work for you.
  • You can take help by approaching companies like Hikvision who have a pool of researchers working as a part of their internal security team.

When To Hire Security Researchers?

Security researchers are mainly required in the following two cases.

  • Network Testing – It is a healthy habit to test your network security from time to time. Security researchers can run a thorough check to find out if your enterprise has a compromised or a strong internal system and cloud system. Also, they can monitor if your employees are being tricked into compromising the security by accidentally/unknowingly giving access to unauthorized persons who can steal sensitive information.
  • Software Testing – A software that is due to be released for the public should be completely secure. Even a slight loophole can compromise the security of thousands. Thus, you can hire a third party company to provide a security researcher who can run a complete check to find out if the software has any loophole and, if any, fix it.

Precisely, security researchers are the best people who can ensure that your company’s internal security stays strong, there’s no data theft, there’s no illegal transaction of money, and the privacy of the customers is at no threat.