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Freedom Debt Relief Top Personal Finance Apps of 2017

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Managing your personal finances can be a difficult process for even the most organized people. Freedom Debt Relief has found that many of those that do effectively manage their personal finances utilize an array of personal finance applications to make their money management life simpler.

Before using any new app that has to do with your finances, you should verify the legitimacy of that app and the policies in place to protect any information you provide. When you are dealing with personal finances apps, the security of your information should be one of the main concerns of you the user, and also the app developer both.

The 3 personal finance apps we have found to be the most helpful to consumers with budgeting and saving to investing the money you save. These apps have shown a consistent record of helping consumers both save money and invest their money without the fees that come when working with a money manager. You should still practice smart budgeting and speak with a personal finance professional any time you have any questions.


Betterment is an application built to save you time and help you invest your money yourself. Betterment acts as a robo-advisor, or an application that makes investment suggestions based on your unique finance picture, it takes into account the amount of money you have and your goals, then forms investment based suggestions based on those unique factors.

Betterment is as much an educational app as it is a robo-advisor, the platform is full of knowledge to help users learn about the best ways to invest their money, making the app useful for novice investors and experts alike.


If you still do not want to make investment decisions with the help of a robo-advisor such as betterment, you may be better off looking into an app such as Acorns. Acorns help you invest what you would normally not think of much value, your spare change. Freedom Debt Relief has seen many times consumers who thought saving their change could not amount to much, that is until they started using Acorns.

Acorns lets you connect as many or as few credit and debit cards as you like, then, when you make a purchase with any card connected to the app, the purchase will automatically be rounded to the next whole amount. The remaining amount that was charged above the original purchase price is then invested into investments of your choice. Freedom Debt Relief has seen investment accounts grow rather quickly using this technique.


Before you can start utilizing the investment apps to their full potential, you need to make sure your budgeting and tracking of your personal finances are organized. Freedom Debt Relief has found one of the things most in common between people struggling with debt is they do not effectively organize and track their money.

Built by Intuit, one of the largest finance software companies in the world, Mint aims to be the only software you need for all of your personal finance needs. From budgeting to paying on time, bills, or even managing money across several different accounts, Mint has features to help even the most unorganized personal get started down the path to financial freedom.

Andrew Housser is the award-winning financial mind that is co-founder of the wildly successful Freedom Financial Network, which offers consumers a wide array of financial management services. Housser is a well respected industry expert and his company has repeatedly been voted as one of the best places to work.