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Ebola Crowdfunding

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What is Ebola?

The Ebola Virus Diseases (EVD) or Ebola Haemorrhagic fever is a deadly and life-threatening diseases that broke and affected many people in 2014-2016. The first occurrences were seen in Central Africa, which later spread to other tropical and subtropical regions. There are five different strains of the Ebola virus, four of which infect human beings and cause illnesses. The fatality rate of victims of ebola is 50%. With such terrible odds, preventions and management of the diseases is vital. At Impact Guru, we hope to help victims and sufferers anywhere in the world by providing a fundraising india platform that will deliver financial support during times of difficulty.

How does it spread?

The ebola virus has the potential to spread as easily as a common cold or flu. Direct contact through blood, saliva, or any other bodily fluids can cause it to spread from the infected person to another. Sharing of items such as clothes, brushes, needles, or utensils, also increases the risk of catching the virus. Many families and caregivers of those who’ve lost someone to ebola have also ended up being infected while conducting final rights for victims. Some of the symptoms include high fever, headaches, vomiting, joints and muscular pains, and weakness. The disease can also spread to a person without causing any symptoms, making it extremely difficult to detect.

The first occurrence of ebola in India was seen in a man in Delhi who had travelled from Liberia, and in doing so, brought the disease to India. He was immediately kept in isolation by Delhi Airport Health Organization Quarantine Centre.

Treatment of Ebola

There is no known treatment for the Ebola virus. While researchers are currently working on a treatment for it, victims as of now have to be kept isolated. Their symptoms are managed through medical treatment such as fluid and electrolyte balance, blood pressure control, blood transfusions etc.

Role of crowdfunding

Here a few ways that a fundraising india may contribute to the eradications of this deadly disease:

  1. Funding protective and preventive measures to families of caregivers of victims of ebola. This could include masks, gloves, and eyeglasses.
  2. Promoting research and development of treatments that will cure the disease
  3. Providing funding for effective diagnostic measures and tests such as biopsy, ELISA, or PCR tests.
  4. Helping victims get treated for the comorbidities involved with ebola.

Certain diseases such as ebola, that do not have standard treatment procedures, can be prevented through effective measures. Often families may not be able to afford resources for the same. This is why we at Impact Guru, want to convey the potential of a fundraising india, in reducing financial strain caused to victims and families. Online fundraising has proven to be the quickest and easiest way to raise money for any and all treatment and medical related causes.