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The Best Three Tools for Link Building Outreach

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Are you tired of doing the same old boring link building methods?  I’m guessing that you’ve probably spent the past few days sending out 100 emails asking for links.  Or maybe you’ve written more content than your brain was prepared to handle.  Don’t worry, all link builders have shared your pain.  But today, I’m going to provide some relief to the mundane, repetitive, and tired link building tactics.

Tool #1 – Seasonal

Go with the times my friend!  Use the season and nature to your advantage.  The wonderful thing about using the seasons is that you’ll find a lot more sites, blogs, and social media outlets looking for ideas and content relevant to that particular season.  A chef’s blog during the Summer might look for ideas to spice up a July 4th recipe and event.  If you’re an e-commerce store, maybe you can offer an Independence Day Discount.  If you’re a blog, post about July 4th ideas for cookouts, parties, plans, and etc.

You could take this method pretty far.  Make your site flexible so that it can be adaptable to different seasons or holidays.  It’s like Bruce Lee once said, “Be Water, My Friend.”  Don’t force links.  Adapt and the links will come to you.

Tool #2 – Interviews

There’s nothing like interviewing an expert or celebrity in your field to attract some links.  It’s one of the easiest ways to build links in my opinion.  Contact someone and tell them how great they are and ask them for a brief interview.  Rarely will you be rejected (unless of course you’re asking a big celebrity, then you may of course meet some resistance).

If you have the resources, record the interview (of course, if your resources and money allow it, filming the interview is even more powerful).  Be sure to also provide a transcript of the interview as it helps with content and being indexed.

Tool #3 – Polls and Quizzes

People love answering polls and questions.  In fact, there is nothing more powerful and quicker for grabbing someone’s attention than a poll or a brief 3-4 question quiz.  People love to be praised and the possibility of satisfying that “oh I know the answer to that question” or “see I knew I was right” sensation is a powerful feeling.  Appealing to this sensation will make people act.

Quality and unique polls and quizzes naturally attract links.  The longer the quiz is, the stronger the possibility of attracting a link.  However, long quizzes will sometimes run into the issue of people not having the patience to sit through and answer the questionnaire.  Offer people an incentive to complete the quiz.  Try offering a chance at winning a prize as an incentive to complete the quiz.  Or you could try a quiz that’ll offer some information in return about the participant.  Ideas like “How Smart You Really Are,” or “Which of the 4 Personalities Do you Fall Into” would be strong incentives to entice people to answer the quiz.

Here’s an amazing example of a man who created a viral quiz on “How Many 5 Year Olds You Can Take in a Fight” and used it to rank Mingle2 for popular online dating queries.

Promote your quiz through your social media outlets.  Contact relevant sites and blogs and let them know about your quiz.  You’ll soon find that you have more links than you were probably ready for.

Bonus Tip – Infographics

I recently had success with one of my clients using this method.  Infographics are simply educational images.  Just hearing the name would probably lead you to concluding that it’s just some boring image.

They take complex information and make it simple to understand.  Embed code in your infographic so that users can easily link back.  Then use social media channels, press releases, and outreaches to bloggers and influential site owners in your industry to promote your infographic.

Take some of these ideas and run with them.  They may take some time to develop and implement.  However, a month or so of preparation for a lifetime of passive links is well worth the cause.