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Are you worried about your trading performance

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Say you have started trading in for a few months and continuing properly with a well-established trading edge in Forex. But, you are unable to see some good trades or manage to make some profits with your trading when you had good chances of it. Because of that, you are worried about it and confused about whether you can continue trading or not in the forcible future. In that case, you might need some help you with your trading plan. Today we are going to help you in building a positive mindset for your trading so that, you can continue with your journey and keep on trading in Forex.

Follow your edge

If you have already started trading, you would have known by now that a trading edge is a must for surviving in Forex. And, that edge should be created by you because no other person knows you better than yourself. And that edge is prominent only for you and your trading. No matter what happens you should not disobey your edge. You can change it based on your experience from regular participation in Forex trading, though. You will never find the same environment between the initial state and the midway of trading. Your observation, thinking, and ideas will change according to your experience in Forex trading. Whatever happens, you need to stick to your only plan. This is not only our saying, all of the master traders will tell you the same about it.

Assess your past trade

Being a new trader you will not understand many factors of the CFDs. You have to work really hard and educate yourself with the proper knowledge. Those who are new to this industry might not think they can lead their lives based on this profession. But if you ever access the portfolio of the successful Aussie trader you will understand how easily they make a consistent profit. As a new investor, you need to assess your past trades. It will help you to identify your mistakes and make your better trader.

Avoid the economic news

Many of the novice traders think that the economic news will help them to define the future condition at a certain time. So, tracing all of the international news channels would be necessary for them. We say that is really necessary but, for ‘The Position Trader’ who trade with a large quantity and keep their trades live for up to six months or one year. A position trader like George Soros does have to watch news not only the economic ones but also the political ones because he as well as all other position traders are investing from one hundred thousand to millions of dollars. So, they will have to take any precautions to save their investment.

But when you are starting, you probably won’t have that much money to invest in Forex. If you are capable of it, we would suggest you still not to start with that much money. Because Forex is all about the experience before money. So, for low investment and medium timeframe of trading you don’t need to take any headache of looking at that news.

Stop listening to others

When you start a job or looking for one or when you are planning for a business, you will see many suggestions and advice from your surroundings. You should take the proper ones from those but, not all of them can be perfect for you. In fact, all of the ideas from others about your job might be garbage. You may ask, “Should I ignore them and stay on my own?” We would say that you should because you are only one trading with your account. So, you should know better about the market and your trading edge. You should avoid other’s opinion even if it is from your parents.