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Are Certified Used Cars Worth the Money?

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These days, there have been a lot of discussions as to whether certified used cars are a better choice to buy when compared to non-certified cars. A certified used car is basically the term that is used by the automotive industry for describing a model of used car that has actually passed some series of tests and that are also backed by the manufacturer warranty or some sort of service guarantee. These certified used cars are usually in a better condition than the non-certified used cars and they also have a good history of maintenance. A lot of people do prefer these types of cars over new cars.

Most of these cars that are certified are the ones that were initially leased than sold. Therefore, the condition of the car will generally be good and since these cars are serviced every 4 months, there are very less chances for these cars to have defects. These types of cars came into existence because the new cars started getting really expensive and people in a country like India did not feel it is worth buying the new cars at that kind of a high price. There are so many dealers out there in the Indian market that sell cheap used cars. You can get used cars in Mumbai below 2 lakh. That goes on to tell the story.

A lot of car manufacturers and dealers saw a huge potential in selling certified used cars as this kind of a format sells quite well. The reasons are:

  1. a) It is much cheaper than buying the new car.
  2. b) People will love any product that comes with a manufacturer warranty.
  3. c) It’s a good way to sell off the cars at a handsome margin.
  4. d) Make some extra margin by offering additional services. Even though these reasons are genuine, there are a lot of dealers whose only motive is to make money.

Now! Are these certified used cars really worth the extra money?

Certified cars are generally more expensive than the non-certified cars as they come with the seal from the manufacturer approving that the car is in good condition. But honestly, these cars are pretty much like the non-certified used cars and the price that one pays for that car is way cheaper. So, if you are wondering if it is really worth it, then only one factor will give you the answer and that is how you feel when you own a certified car. If you feel happy and secure, then this car is a good choice.