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About Royal Pip

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Royal Pip are a Forex brokers, owned and operated by Novox Capital Limited The brand clients are given the opportunity to trade over two-hundred financial instruments, examples of this instruments include the metals, energies, equity indices and forex. All of these financial instruments are designed to cater for clients demands since they have lowest spreads, flexible leverage and real-time pricing. Novox Capital Limited do prioritize their clients’ needs or preferences, the company also believe in transparency and creating a conducive environment where their clients can work efficiently and that is why they came up with a brand that corresponds with their goals.

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What is Royal Pip

The company is aware that when every client is looking for a trading platform, he must consider professionalism, innovation, and quality of their products. In addition, their platform has an integrated system that deals with risk management, also the platform has market orders that are sophisticated for example the trailing stops and limit orders. The company also have invested in high-quality human resources, the members of staff working at the company are carefully vetted.

Some of RoyalPip Services

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 is a standard account that gives the client a chance to conduct a fair trading without any intervention. MetaTrader includes features and options such as pre-installed indicators, negative balance protection, technical indicators and multiple chart setups. The advantage of this account is that it provides the fastest execution and there is no need of re-quotes.

MetaTrader Tutorials

MetaTrader Tutorials helps the clients to learn how to set up the platform and how to install MT4. You as a client also get to learn the basic for instance changing the language, time frames, chart properties and Watch Window. After learning the basics, you then move to more complex ones, for instance how to add indicators to the graph and modifying orders.

Stock Trading

RoyalPip also gives their clients an opportunity to trade stocks, this is because the company understands that stocks CFD is one of the most thrilling and widespread assets. They also make you a complete investor through their daily analysis and technical tools. The reason why the company encourages their clients to trade stocks CFD is because they have tight spreads meaning there is no commission, the other reason is there is a wide variety of stock CFDs available in 5 days a week.

Forex trading

Forex is an abbreviation of foreign exchange and the word is used to describe foreign exchange investment. For example, in case there was a trading volume of five trillion dollars, with no doubt we would expect the value of the dollar to go down in relation to the euro. In such a situation, it would make sense for a Forex investor to sell the dollar and acquire the euro. Remember exchange rates do continually fluctuate because they just behave like any tradable goods like stocks, cars, and bonds, meaning the value of the currency will fluctuate immediately its supply or demand change. For more information about Novox Capital Limited visit