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4 Reasons To Replace Your Carpet

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Even with the best and most effective cleaning and maintenance, you will have to change your carpet at some point. Of course, since this is a somewhat rare occasion—maybe once every four years or so—you may not know the signs that tell you it is time to do just that!  As such, here are a few ways to identify that the time has come to replace your carpet.

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REASON #1:  Balding Carpet

When you start to see patches of matted carpet it is probably time to start looking at replacing it. Patches of matted down carpet are the result of constant traffic so this symptom is only going to get worse from continued use.  It means that the carpet is certainly worn and has lost its fresh softness, which also means it is less comfortable.

You should know that some carpet textiles flatten faster than others and they will also attract dirt more easily.  Perhaps they are more firm or oilier. These carpet materials tend to need replacement more often than others.

REASON #2:  Damaged Carpet

If you have had your carpet for an extended amount of time you have probably learned that some stains are impossible to remove.  Even if you are very careful or try many different techniques and strategies, sometimes you just can’t pull a tough stain out of the deep fibers.  While stained carpet is not necessarily a sign that you absolutely need to replace it, if you also find matting or tearing—damage—from constant use, that combination certainly would suggest so.

REASON #3:  Worn Out Padding

You can’t see it but carpet has padding.  The padding, of course, is under the carpet and it is supposed to make it more comfortable to walk on the floor.  If you can hear crackling sounds as you walk, this could definitely be a sign that the carpet needs replacing. This is not just important because the padding provides you with comfort, but it is also there to help absorb pressure from foot traffic to improve the integrity of the floor.

REASON #4:  Old Carpet

Basically, you should replace carpet that is too old.  How old is too old? Well, again, it depends on the type of carpet, but after ten or twenty years should be long enough.  Essentially, if you don’t know your carpet’s age it will tell you it is past its prime, more than likely by exhibiting one or more of the symptoms above.