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4 Inexpensive Ways Men Can Dress Up to Make a Fashionable Statement

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Boys who are in college or are just about to step out of college usually like to get dressed well and make what their wear an extension of themselves. While many of them do this without any hiccups, there always are a few who don’t get the ground rules right and often end up making a mess of themselves by going overboard with their clothes.

Mentioned below are 4 tips that can help guys in making a bold fashion statement without breaking the bank –

  1. Casual and Athletic Wear: If you are in college you mostly participate in one game or the other and that is why you should have a wardrobe that is rich in athletic t-shirts, track pants, sports shoes etc. While big brands can often cost a lot there are many brands out there that don’t try pretend and have affordable sticker prices on them. Along with shoes, t-shirts and jeans you can also consider having a few baseball caps and some funky watches; whether you are sporty or not, these accessories go a long way in making your image.
  1. Suit and Ties: You got that right; you need to have these kinds of stuffs in your wardrobe as you are no more a teenager now and you have to get ready for the big bad world. Invest as much as you can afford to because the suit that you buy now, would be with you for a long time to come. Choose something in universal shades or black or brown that is evergreen and easily mixes and matches; don’t go for something rare silly like olive. Buy a couple of ties that are just there to complement your suit.
  1. Belts and Shoes: Opt for the leather material; both shoes for men and belts should be made of high quality leather to go along with your suit. Of course, you should spend as much as your budget permits, as these leather accessories and footwear can be quite costly too. Loafers for men are also in trend.
  1. Vest: Soon enough, you will be attending functions and parties that would be more formal than casual. This would also include the prom night. A nice vest will go a long way in making your formal appearance look more classy and attractive.

College time is not just about making a wardrobe for casuals but this is also the time when you can prepare your wardrobe for a future professional life; so keep these aspects into consideration.