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Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

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  • en: @j_smoov so, it's the same thing. Or at the very least it evens out where we're both working only slightly. 07/15/09 02:19am
  • en: no one's laughin' at god when they're starving, or freezing, or so very poor. 07/15/09 02:19am
  • en: Follow up: "maybe i'll get lucky and that part of my arm will get hit with shrapnel or something ahaha" 07/15/09 02:19am
  • en: @bigplrbear- Are you going to cook something up or are you going to get take out in the FUCKIN HOT WEATHER HOLY SHIT. 07/15/09 02:19am
  • no: Is It Better To Single-Task or Multi-Task? 07/15/09 02:19am
  • en: God i cant eat or drink for the next couple of hours, this is torture! 07/15/09 02:19am
  • en: Giving blood for the first time tonight!First time in yrs that I have gone long enough without a piercing or tatt to be able to give!! 07/15/09 02:19am
  • en: What's the point of be'n a NICE person to people or do'n what's RIGHT? It seems to NEVER pay off. ALL you get is heartache & headache. CH... 07/15/09 02:19am
  • en: I haven't eaten since sunday and i don't know what or if I should attempt 07/15/09 02:19am
  • en: ereader or kindle 4 iphone make an app that will read the book aloud from where I stopped reading & then let me pick up frm there. k? th ... 07/15/09 02:19am