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10 Content Writing Tactics That You Must Use

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If you ever wondered why we employ different marketing tactics, the answer would be very direct and obvious- for driving traffic, increasing sales and eventually the revenue.

And a good content is all that is required to achieve all the three described things. More informative your content will be, the more traffic and revenue you’re likely to gain.

If you enjoy writing, you will definitely learn many things from your writing only. It’s hard to believe but this is the truth.

A content isn’t a content until it meets the needs of the reader. A content, in an actual meaning, is a content only if it satisfies and entertains the reader.

Visualisation is found to create a great impact on human’s brain. Therefore, putting some images and short videos or gifs will work out markedly.

In this piece of content, we are going to discuss some content writing tactics that may prove useful for you if you are new into the field. In fact, below given tactics can be used by anybody and everybody because those tactics are common to all kind of writing and even experienced writers make mistakes sometimes.



  1. Understand the content topic well and undergo a deep research


Before you think of executing any project, you just don’t start writing a thesis on it. What you do is, first analyse the topic, go into a deep research and then start working on it. Accordingly, you perform calculations and write a thesis on it.

Similarly, when you have been asked to or you have to write a content on some topic, you can’t start writing immediately. First, you need to understand the topic, undergo a research and analyse it well. Then only one can write better.



  1. Give your content a good headline and convincing meta-description


Have you seen a hungry wild animal searching for its prey. What does they do? When they smell the scent of a prey, they come to know if they are going to have a good meal or how easily they will be able to catch them.

Your content’s headline works same as the prey of the wild animal. A good headline and a meta-description will let the reader or visitor know if the article could be informative or not.

A meta description plays a vital role in driving traffic to the website. Those two-three lines in the SERPs website explain a lot about article. Therefore, it is advisable to create such eye-catchy headlines and a fascinating meta description.



  1. Be in rhythm, don’t get distracted from the track


While you are writing on a certain topic, make sure you’re only offering information on that particular topic so that readers too keep themselves in the rhythm otherwise it really becomes difficult to come back on the track.


Suppose you have been asked to write on “content marketing strategies”then you can’t write or insert how one can be benefited from email marketing strategies in between the ongoing content.


Such mistakes can irritate your reader and will let them get down of the flow. Therefore, ensure you’re on a proper track.



  1. Use images and short videos


As spice adds a great taste to your food, similarly adding images and short videos can add a spice to your content. Because images and videos make the content appear interesting, entertaining and fun.

In the beginning I talked about visualisation. It creates a great impact on human’s brain and are able to illustrate the points better than the texts. The only thing one need to keep in mind while posting images and videos in the content is that they should be topic or work related. Videos shouldn’t be more than 3-5 mins or it will become boring.



  1. Correct use of grammar, spellings and punctuation


We all know how much grammar, spellings and punctuation mean. Even you will leave the page if you find a lot of grammatical, spelling and punctuation error in the content. Because it disturbs the mind and let us feel that even the information provided on the website won’t be good worthy enough to read.

Bad grammar degrades the brand. If you think you can’t just keep all these things in mind while writing then you can employ tools like Grammarly so that you can write error-free content.


  1. Produce original contents


Believe me, if you copy from somebody you would be caught easily. And the charm that an original content has, can’t a copied content can produce. A genuine and an original content, simply, catches the attention of readers. Apart from reader’s choice, Google too has to do a lot with the original content.

Google punishes those websites that copy the content of others. As a result, their rankings in the search engine go low. This will negatively impact your company’s bottom line.



  1. Keep the font size and format readable


Don’t keep your content’s font size too small or too big. Also, the format like monotype corsiva looks great, but in a content it won’t go. Too small font size contents are not readable by everybody. Also, it is difficult to understand many formats. So you should keep the font size little big that can be read by anybody and everybody. Try to keep the format readable like- times new roman, arial etc.



  1. Use bullets and numbers


Bullets and numbers look great to eyes. Instead of writing in continuation, things can be written and broken down in bullets and numbers. Matters can be broken down into small and straight points.



  1. Use graphs


If you have put some data in your content, it would be better to put it as a graph. Graphs are easily readable as well as understandable. Graphs are essential, especially, for those who are in technical industries.

Adding graphs to your content shows the depth of your content.



  1. Make your content interesting with short paragraphs


Lengthy paragraphs create monotony among readers. And when it happens, readers feel like leaving the page in the middle. Hence, writing shorter paragraphs avoid monotony and boredom that the reader feels.