Simple SEO Site Day 10

I think that I am going to stop posting updates. I will continue working on my site (its ranking at position 9 as of yesterday), but I do not actually enjoy writing the updates, and I really do not think that they are of any use to anyone.

If you do want to know more, let me know in the comments.

Simple SEO Site Day 8

Today was a day of building backlinks, mainly through bookmarking, and I spent about an hour and twenty minutes on that.

Total time take so far: 6hours 30 minutes

Simple SEO Site Day 7

Some progress today

  • Realised that I forgot to set the description and tags for yesterdays article, so quickly added them (5 min)
  • Setup the theme for the blog, I think I chose one that will speak to my target audience (15 min)
  • Wrote the second article for the blog (35 min)

Time Spent so far: 5hours 10 minute

Simple SEO Site Day 6

Another lazy day… I seem to have way too many of those, I really should focus more.

  • Setup Google Alerts to see when they index my site (5 min)
  • Did research for a potential article, and decided that it would not suit my site (10 min)
  • Uploaded the themes i found earlier to the blog (5min)

Time taken so far: 4h 10min

Simple SEO Site Day 5

The only thing I did on this day is to write the first post for the blog, which took me about 20 minutes.

Time Taken so Far: 3h 50min

Simple SEO Site Day 4

Due to other commitments, i did not actually get much done on this day either.

  • Revised the about me page (10 min)
  • Setup my Squidoo and HubPages accounts for later link building (5 min)

Total Time spent: 3h 30min

Simple SEO Site Day 3

Today has been a rather more relaxed day in this aspect, but I did get some  basic housekeeping done:

  • Added a Privacy Policy to the site (5 min)
  • Registered the site with Google Webmaster tools (5 min)
  • Setup my long-neglected Squidoo profile (5 min)
  • Uploaded the themes I found to the site (5 min)

Ok, a bit of an uneventful day, but it happens sometimes

Total time spent so far: 3h 15min

Simple SEO Site Day 2

Well, time to move onto day 2, which was a bit less exciting:

  • Setup Google Analytics for the blog, so that I can see where my hordes of traffic are coming from – 10 min
  • Searched for a good theme for the blog, found a couple free ones I could use, saved them to a folder until I can look at them with fresh eyes – 10min
  • Wrote the about me page for the blog, I tried to use the main keyword at least twice, as well as a couple of the LSI keywords I found yesterday. – 15 min
  • Got a response from the affiliate company I emailed yesterday, apparently they are only planning to start supporting affiliates from Serbia in a couple of months! I mailed them back asking them to let me know when it happens. I have a couple of other options for monetising the site, so I am not to worried. -5 min
  • Searched for the best way to handle a mailing list. I am still not sure what I would do with one, but I think that there is potential in the niche. – 10 min

Overall, not a very productive day, but I am glad that I have kept moving things forward.

Total time spent so far: 2h 55min

Case Study – A Simple SEO site

Well, this is my first attempt at an SEO site, relying on search engines for traffic.. I have decided to make it a case study, and provide information about what I am doing step by step. I am trying to this with spending the minimum possible, mainly because I do not have much money to invest, and because I am not sure if this will work

Each day, I will track the activities I do, and how much time I spend doing them. I will try to reveal everything, except the site and keywords itself, mainly because I do not want competition, and I do not want to skew the results.

I have already picked a niche and keyword when I start this (a keyword that has a decent amount of traffic according to the Google Keyword tool, and not too much competition. The front page of Google shows some authority sites, although the ranked articles are not actually a good match for the search term (one of those things that is obvious to a human, but Google’s algorithm has not picked up), as well as a forum thread (ironically enough it is a forum that I am already a member of, so it might be useful for backlinks, if the tread is still active).

In this, I am hoping to do more with the particular broader niche, so I will try to set this up into a more sustainable business.

You might notice that I do not spend much time on this per day. The main reason for that is that I work full time, and have a wife and three year old child. This is more a side project, that will hopefully provide some extra income.

For the same reason given above, the posts will be appearing with a bit of a delay. As I am writing this, I am actually already a week in… The posts might catch up, they might not.

So, without any more ado, here is what I did on day one

  • Contacted a good potential company I want to affiliate with, to see if they support my country (5 min)
  • Checked Google AdPlanner for the demographics on the former company site, since my demographics will be very similar. Find out that they are slightly older than I expected at first, a good sign, since it will make it easier to write for people my age. (5 min)
  • Bought the domain and set it up on my host, I was lucky to get the first domain I tried for (10 min)
  • Setup WordPress an plugins, this took a bit longer, since I actually had to track them down. (50 min)
  • Looked around for videos and graphics I can use later (10 min)
  • Researched the LSI keyword to my target keyword, got a bit distracted when I saw a couple more keywords that it might be worth building separate sites around (35 min)

Total time spent today: 115min

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